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The Young Ambassadors of Virtue Foundation is a non-profit organization, which is funded by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
The office is located at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


“To instill a social conscience, a sense of altruism, and a broadened perspective”

in Thai youth, to encourage their potential to become morally responsible and well-rounded citizens who will benefit the nation as a whole.


To support public activities that help developing personal moral standards and a social conscience by focusing on youth, in line with the King’s guidance.

To strengthen the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) strategy of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs by undertaking community-service activities which foster collaboration within the organisation to build “the power of giving” for a stronger, forward-looking, and regionally competitive society

Being “Young Ambassadors of Virtue”

The Foundation seeks to cultivate social and moral values, a far-sighted perspective, and adaptability to globalisation among Thai youth. Through a variety of activities,

“Young Ambassadors of Virtue” are expected to be generation models, upholding the principles of virtue, wisdom and unity, with leadership potential, and proudly representing Thai youth in fostering relations with young people around the world.

The Young Ambassadors of Virtue Foundation Logo

The Young Ambassadors of Virtue Foundation Logo