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Mission and Undertakings


Support school projects and activities that revolve around developing “moral and intellectual” qualities in students and in line with the King’s guidance.


Encourage diplomatic and consular missions in Thailand to become “Patrons”of the schools in the Foundation’s network, thus stimulating learning about the respective countries and, through school visits, creating a bond between the schools and the diplomatic Patrons.


Promote “sister schools” as links between the network schools and schools overseas through cooperation of the Royal Thai Embassies to enhance mutual understanding and people-to-people relations.


Encourage the participation of Young Ambassadors in the outreach programmes of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs as part of their learning activities.


Organise the “Young Ambassadors’ Partnership Exchange Programme” between participating schools from different regions of the country to forge mutual friendship and learning, with focus on human and community development and social activities in schools and communities.


Support activities under the various types of “love our country” projects, which are sponsored by leading monastic institutions, state-owned enterprises, and the private sector


Strengthen relations and friendship among youth in ASEAN and neighbouring countries by organising study tours abroad, which help to stimulate learning and broaden the perspectives of the Young Ambassadors