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The 15th anniversary of the Young Ambassadors of Virtue Foundation

During 3 – 6 January 2013, the Young Ambassadors of Virtue Foundation organised an event to commemorate the 15th anniversary of the Young Ambassadors of Virtue Foundation under the theme “Shaping the Young Ambassadors of Virtue: our 15th- year Journey” at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Thailand in Bangkok. 

On 3 January 2013, Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn graciously presided over the opening ceremony, which was attended by teachers and students from several YAVF’s network schools from all over Thailand. The event showcased the Young Ambassadors of Virtue Foundation’s past activities and projects that aimed to instilled morality among the participating Thai youth.  

Activities at the event are as follows:

1. Exhibitions:

  • An exhibition titled “The YAVF’s 15th-Year Journey in Cultivating Young Ambassadors of Virtue”;
  • An exhibition titled “Royal Chitralada Projects”;
  • An exhibition titled “Loving the Land, Conserving the Environment” courtesy of the Sirindhorn International Environmental Park Foundation, Petchaburi Province.

2. Educational Activities:

  • On-site learning activities to promote awareness and understanding of ASEAN Community, history of Thai diplomacy, foreign languages, and interesting anecdotes from around the world, etc.
  • Field trips to Royal Chitralada Projects in Dusit Palace, the Temple of the Emerald Buddha, Museum Siam, and Dusit Zoo.
  • Special lectures hosted by exemplary figures, such as Dr. Nitsara Karoonuthaisiri, 
Dr. Thirawat Phoomchitr, Dr. Poldej Worachatr, as well as executives and teachers from the YAVF’s network schools, to create inspiration for the Young Ambassadors of Virtue to become Competent and Knowledgeable individuals.

The 4-day event saw 3,049 participants from 59 provinces all over Thailand