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Exchange of Friendship among T- CLMV Youths Project : sharing of experiences with students in the Young Ambassadors of Virtue Foundation’s network schools

30 April 2016 - 10 May 2016

On 2 May 2016, the delegation visited Wat Don Kai Tia School in Petchaburi province. Mr. Trairong Anantanitiwet, the school director, along with the school’s teachers and students, gave a warm welcome to the delegation. As part of cultural exchange, both sides gave their performances on stage. Four educational stations were set up for students to explore and learn. Those stations are (1) Mathematics: the wonder of numbers (2) Geometric invention (3) Innovation and ways of lives, and (4) Thai traditional arts and games. The delegation also paid a visit to Pan Sorn Narai Supplementary Occupation Group for Women and Hoop Kra Pong Cooperative.

On 3 May 2016, the delegation visited Thanyasidsilp School. Director Pantiwa Changkapichian, along with school’s teachers and students warmly welcomed to the delegation. Both sides exchanged their cultural performances. Four Educational stations were set up for the students to explore and learn, such as fruit and vegetable carving, traditional Thai desserts, woven palm fish and write the Goodness Determination. The delegation went on to visit the Science Museum and learned about various aspects of Sciences and its application for daily lives, as well as Thai wisdom on sciences and technology. The delegation also visited Bangkok Planetarium which broadened their knowledge on astronomy. The delegation was very impressed by the advanced technology at the Planetarium, which made their learning experiences very exciting and fun.

On 6 May 2016, the delegation visited Cog Nis Thai Border Patrol Police School in Sakol Nakhon. The students were given hands-on lessons on how to apply the Sufficiency Economy Philosophy through 3 field activities: making organic fertilizer from young banana trees, growing mushroom in baskets and producing handicrafts such as woven mats and artificial flowers. On this occasion, the Young Ambassadors of Virtue Foundation donated 50,000 baht to sponsor the school’s water system. In addition, the delegation visited Sutthawat Temple and was briefed about the venerable Luang Bhoo Man. The temple’s deputy abbot also gave them advice on how to be role models of youths that contribute to the society. Afterwards, the delegation paid respect to Wat Phra That Choeng Chum, stopped by at the largest lotus park in Thailand, learned about Sakol Nakhon’s culture and history at Phu Phan museum, and visited Anuban Sakol Nakhon School. The delegation then traveled to Bangkok and visited many of Bangkok’s important sites, such as Temple of the Emerald Buddha and Rattanakosin Exhibition Hall.

The activity created a lasting impression for the participating students. They are determined to share the good stories and experiences gained during this trip with their friends at home. 

Exchange of Friendship among T- CLMV Youth Project