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The Department of ASEAN Affairs


he Department of ASEAN Affairs has been organizing the “ASEAN Library” project since 2014.The aim of the project is to establish ASEAN libraries in schools that meet the criteria of having 300 or more students and actively engage in ASEAN-related activities.

An ASEAN library consists of (1) 1,400 books about various aspects of ASEAN (2) exhibition boards about ASEAN (3) bookshelves (4) 3 desktop computer CPUs (5) 2 computer monitors (6) 1 touch-screen monitor (7) desks and chairs and (8) equipment for viewing educational TV programmes from satellite broadcasts, of which the total value is 500,000 bathBetween 2014 and 2015, the ASEAN Library project has visited 18 schools in18 provinces in all the regions of Thailand, 5of which are schools in the YAVF network.

High level officials from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs as well as officials from the Department of ASEAN Affairs traveled to the recipient schools to participate in the ceremonies that marked the handing over of the ASEAN libraries to the schools. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs also took this opportunity to organize educational activities to raise awareness and increase understanding among the students on ASEAN, the ASEAN Community and the 2025 ASEAN Vision.